Artificial Intelligence

noun [ U ]
UK  ɑː.tɪ.fɪʃ.əl ɪnˈtel.ɪ.dʒəns  US ɑːr.t̬ə.fɪʃ.əl ɪnˈtel.ə.dʒəns/
(abbreviation AI)

What is possible with AI?


The barrier to entry for utilising AI has come down massively in the last decade as computer processors have become more powerful and affordable. You’ve probably heard things like “the shuttle that landed on the moon had less technology than …” but the last decade has really seen astronomical leaps in computing power.

A fairly basic computer processor (3 GHz) can carry out around three thousand million instructions per second. Whilst some would argue that the human brain can still process more than a super computer, humans cannot seamless interface and share the information we are processing.

Artificial intelligence allows us to process, share and analyse information in ways that have never been possible before. AI also opens up possibilities for interaction and communication between man and machine.   

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