AI ChatBot

AI Chatbots can be used to help generate leads, answer customer service questions, or direct inbound enquiries to the right team member.


Why AI?


Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once the preserve of only the largest multinational companies but is now something within reach of all business owners. Our developer team can build an AI ChatBot to give you a 24/7 interactive response to your customers. Never miss a lead, have the AI answer FAQ’s rather than taking up your teams valuable time.


AI ChatBot development can range from very simple “call and response” ChatBots to full service natural language response ChatBots which allow your customers to talk to the ChatBot in conversational language as they would with a real human. ChatBots can replace a lot of low to medium skilled customer service work with the advantage that one chatbot can talk simultaneously to thousands of customers, it wont call in sick or come to work hung over.

If you would like to see what the options are for your business whether you want a full natural language response ChatBot for your website or a ChatBot to answer Facebook Messenger questions when your business is closed, we can give you a solution.

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