Unleash your software

Want to get hands on with your music software? MicroLab gives you instant, effective control, letting you play all your soft-synths and virtual instruments, wherever, whenever.

High quality keys

Unlike other mini-key controllers, you’ll actually enjoy playing MicroLab. It features the same keybed as our award-winning KeyStep, it’s responsive, and velocity-sensitive.

Press Clipping

“It has a bunch of clever design features that make it great for travel or small desktop setups.”

Cult of Mac

“The build quality, which is great for traveling, the quality and feel of the keys along with all the controllers and included software make this one of the best buys for the money.”


Smart controls

With just 4 buttons and 2 touch strips, MicroLab still gives you an awesome level of control. Sustain notes with a button, play chords with one note, swipe through presets and tap to select.


Everyone hates loose cables, so MicroLab features an integrated cable-tidy recess to keep your setup neat, and make storage and travelling quick and easy.

Put it anywhere

The USB port is recessed, so no cables stick out. Use it in any setup: push it up against your laptop, use it side-by-side with other gear, no mess, no fuss.

A flash of color

MicroLab’s rubberized case isn’t just for show, it also protects your controller when you’re on the move, and lets you efficiently store your USB cable.

Awesome free software

If you’re just getting started, you’ll find everything you need with MicroLab.

Analog Lab Lite

A software instrument with 600+ legendary synth and keyboard sounds

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A beautifully sampled pianos,
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Bitwig Studio 8-Track

An introduction to this next-generation
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