IVR Интерактивна система за гласови отговори

Use IVR to let your customers call and ask questions, even when your office is closed

What Is IVR?


The technology behind IVR is a logical progression from AI Чат Бот technology. We’ve all called our bank and been asked to “press 1 for Personal Banking or Press 2 for Business Banking”. IVR allows a customer to escape the guided path and ask natural questions which the Artificial Intelligence (AI) will interpret and respond to. The advantages of IVR range from the fact that your new AI call centre operative is available 24/7, can speak to multiple people simultaneously and learns with every interaction just as a human would.

As a business owner, you capture big data on your customers behaviour, save the cost of human call centre operatives and have the peace of mind that your IVR agent will never lose its temper, insult a customer or have an “off” morning.

If you would like to explore an IVR solution, please get in touch.   

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