Market and Competitor Research

 Find evolving market opportunities. Probe your competitors strengths and exploit their weaknesses .

Know Your Market & Know Your Enemy

Healthy competition is great… unless you lose.

At Anitom, we have a range of resources, proprietary software and the manpower to give you a full understanding of where the potential opportunities are for your business. 

We can help you understand how your competitors are advertising, which of their products are selling and how you can turn the tables in your favour. And importantly, we can help you prevent your competitors exploiting your weaknesses. 

Unless you operate a business which is completely unique, the chances are that you have someone snapping at your heels. Snap back! Turn your weaknesses to strength and let our team compliment your industry expertise and support your business.

24x7 AI ChatBots

Always online, never miss a lead.

Competitor Research

Find and exploit competitor weaknesses. Spot opportunities early.

Lead Generation

Build your inbound enquiry stream.

Data management

Turn data into information and insights. Automate your reports.


Instantly scales your sales team and spread the load.

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