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Payroll is the biggest expense for most companies. When it comes to expanding your team there is often a chicken and egg scenario… If you had a little higher turnover you could commit to more in-house staff but you just don’t have the bandwidth right now to increase sales;

Are you against trying something new? If not, why not try contracting out your sales to a team to approach prospects on your behalf. Whether you need someone to reestablish contact with old customers or leads which have gone cold or you have a clean slate, Anitom have solutions to help.

Turn the sales team on and off as your business demands. Get in touch to find out which of our sales services might suit you best.

24x7 AI ChatBots

Always online, never miss a lead.

Competitor Research

Find and exploit competitor weaknesses. Spot opportunities early.

Lead Generation

Build your inbound enquiry stream.

Data management

Turn data into information and insights. Automate your reports.


Instantly scale your sales team and spread the load.

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